Gran Dia means big day or great day, it is my enthusiasm to show that got me started breeding so when I was thinking of a PREFIX
Gran Dia seemed appropriate.

“Jimmy” TOYDIOR Make A Wish is my first show dog and we have been learning together. Unfortunately Covid hit around the same time that he came to me,  so while he was young we didn’t get much practice in the ring.

I am passionate about red and apricot Toy Poodles and breeding quality into this color to be competitive in the ring. Jimmy, my daughter and I, have won many ribbons in this last couple of years we love showing, and so does Jimmy.
I am currently breeding to find that next special poodle that will enjoy showing as much as we do.

I created a website to give guidance to new puppy owners as well as to educate the public on why its so important to support ethical breeding.

Sometimes we have puppies that are just not show quality (please see ANKC link attached for breed standard) it can be something very minor like head too forward, or ears too high set ect these puppies make great pets and are sold on limited register (not for breeding). All my dogs meet rigorous health testing, I only breed one or two litters a year, always looking out for my next show prospect. I think its important to do something with your dogs, like show them or scent work or dancing dogs – not just breed. Look for a breeder that does something with their dogs, then you will know the dogs have a active full life and are not just kept solely for breeding purposes.

Patella’s are scored on all of my dogs and I have letters from my Vet stating excellent patella’s. Each dog undertakes a full DNA test and are all clear/negative of hereditary diseases.
All these documents are available to be seen on collection day.