A lot of my inquiries are for girls, I personally prefer the nature of boys, ideally its a good to meet the litter and not pick solely on sex but on interaction, you may find that the puppy picks you.  

I asked owners and breeders on a Facebook page to tell me what they love about boys over girls, and this is what was said: 

1/ I wanted a girl only ever owned girl dogs. Did not want a male because they cock their leg, and I thought they hump things more. Having said that we got a boy he is absolutely beautiful loving, and we love him to bits. Couldn’t get a better dog and so smart.

2/ They love you all the time, not just when it suits them.

3/ In all honesty, I love my girls. I mean sure, they are also totally satanic little ladies at times but after having one boy stay longer than he should have, I can see the pluses of boys.

*They seem more chilled out most of the time.

*They don’t come in season – huge plus.

*Cheaper to desex and less invasive procedure.

4/ For me I have 1 male and 1 female. My male was easier to toilet train. The male is by my side all day.

5/ I don’t have any boys that I’m keeping specifically for this reason. I prefer the independence, attitude/sass, and strong will of the girls. I agree that the boys are usually what people are wanting when they describe what they’re looking for in a puppy and they’re also much friendlier to people outside of their families, whereas most of the girls are very aloof with everyone except their chosen person. I’ll never understand why so many people turn down the perfect puppy just because they’re boys.

6/ I love them all, but my boys are so special and think more of me than themselves

7/ I do love my girls but they’re more independent than my boys… I ADORE my boys .. more loving and such mummy’s boys..


8/ I agree there more loving

9/ Exactly this I absolutely adore my little man 💙 the most devoted, little best friend I could ever imagine to our whole family.

10/ I only have girls now, but my heart dog was Fabio the Standard poodle. Most devoted dog ever, will never be able to replace him.

11/ We’ve always had boy toys … they have been so affectionate and loving 🥰

12/ I think boy poodles cuddle in a very special way that no other breed does. The girls are lovely but the boys are definitely more affectionate

13/ I’ve had 5 poodles and they’ve all been boys. You hit the nail on the head, they’re so loving, devoted, loyal, intelligent and make you feel like you truly are their person. It’s also something intangible that makes me always opt for a boy like my gorgeous Mocha

14/ My last dog was my first boy since I was a child and he was without a doubt the most loving of all my beautiful fur babies.

15/ Our boy Ziggy is so loving and smoochy he throws his own ball and zoomies  he is such a joy to watch and he gives us lots of love

16/ I have both and have had both over the last 57 years. Boys have often been more devoted, but I’ve loved each and everyone of them past and love each and everyone of the present.

17/ Me too. I love my boy. He is so smart and follows me everywhere. My little mate.

18/ I have both and I found the boys are much easier- they are always in a good mood, demonstrating their love all the time. For pet purposes I definitely recommend boys

19/ My boy Percy is more affectionate than my girl but she loves attention to and wants to be boss . Percy allows her to be and very protective of her

***Names removed for privacy reasons***